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9:05pm on Thursday, 22nd July, 2010:

When in Rome...


When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

So that means smoke, use mobile phones and drive with no regard for personal safety?

No, it means that when it gets this hot, leave Rome. That's what we did today: we visited Tivoli. Last time we were there, 25 years ago, it poured the whole time. Today, we merely wished it poured.

Anyway, the reason I mention this trip is that an American woman tagged along with us. Her husband is some big shot head-hunter for lawyers, and that morning he'd been called back to attend a meeting in Philadelphia. He left his wife behind in Rome for the last three days of their stay. Anyway, she got a phone call saying that the meeting was off. Her husband was mid-way across the Atlantic by now. She texted him to say to call her when he landed. He'll almost certainly be catching the next flight back to Rome, meeting up with her tomorrow.

I think I'd be pretty cross if I were him...

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