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5:36pm on Monday, 20th December, 2010:



We get our milk delivered in the morning, because the milkman comes early and we can have fresh milk at breakfast.

Sometimes, though, he comes too early:

That's not milk, that's ice cream:

Unfortunately, the milk wasn't the only thing that froze up. Around 3:30, my wife reported that our boiler had cut out. The reason: a frozen condensation outlet pipe. This pipe is about 6 metres long, of which a good 3 metres was frozen. Well, I say "is" — it's now "was", as I snapped it in half while trying to loosen a push-fit connector.

I knew it was going to freeze! I told the plumbers who installed it that it was going to freeze, and they said, "No, we'll insulate it". Somehow, the possibility that it could be insulated and freeze didn't occur to them.

Oh well, the heating is working at the moment, but come this evening when the (now shorter) pipe gets a chance to freeze up again, we'll see what happens... Whatever, I'm going to need a new pipe in the new year, preferably one that doesn't need to run 6m to reach a drain when there's another, capped pipe a metre in the opposite direction that leads to one.

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