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3:24pm on Sunday, 18th July, 2010:

A New Case


We went to Colchester this afternoon to buy a new suitcase.

We're off on holiday tomorrow, so it might seem that we were leaving it a little late to be buying a new suitcase. Yes, well if our elder daughter had brought back one of the two large suitcases she has in Bristol then we wouldn't be needing to buy one at all; however, she didn't, so we had to buy one as something of an emergency. In the end, we bought two: one that's pink and purple and designed to be highly attractive to teenage girls (which indeed it was — our younger daughter immediately claimed it); one that's plain blue and designed for people who plan to man shop for a suitcase (which indeed I did). The latter was reduced from £120 to £36, so I don't know if it'll last more than one holiday, but hey, it was there and it was inoffensive and I was paying.

Oh, I guess I should make my usual statement before I'm about to go away: Idon't know whether I'll be able to update QBlog while I'm in the hotel (well, it's not so much whether there's a connection as whether there's a connection that isn't ruinously expensive to use), so if you don't see QBlog updated for a while, don't panic.

Also, I'll mention that my father-in-law will be staying in the house while we're away, so you can put that burglary kit away right now, it's not going to get you anywhere.

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