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8:53am on Tuesday, 18th May, 2010:

The Law being an Ass


I'm not a fan of the Unite union's cabin crew division. Waiters and waitresses are ten a penny, and the fact they do it on an aircraft doesn't mean they should be paid more than people who do it on a ship or on the ground. Their actions smacks of the 1970s, when unions managed to improve their pay in the short term at the expense of destroying their industry (and therefore their jobs) in the long term.

Nevertheless, I think it's outrageous that British Airways have won an injunction against the threatened strike by cabin crew in part on the basis that Unite failed, when announcing the results of its ballot, to mention that there had been 11 spoiled papers. There were 11,000 votes cast — those spoiled papers are a drop in the ocean.

If finagling over irrelevant technical procedural details is now a legal tactic that will lead to results, courts had better watch out — I'm sure that there's bound to have been some minor error in the conduct of the court case itself. As for the General Election, well that doesn't even bear thinking about...

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