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5:14pm on Thursday, 16th December, 2010:



I had a CE217 class today from 3-5, but I cancelled it. I managed to get two classes worth of material into an earlier (over-running) class and some more material I could have expanded on into my final lecture. I warned in the previous class and the previous lecture that this class would be cancelled, so happily set off up the A1 to meet my dad to exchange Christmas presents before tomorrow's snow incapacitates the entire country.

Unfortunately, I neglected to send an email telling my students there was no class, so one of them plus Charlie's note-taker did actually show up for it (sigh). I got an email from the admin staff telling me off.

I don't suppose the 18 students (from 26) who failed to show up at my final lecture will have received a similar rebuke.

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