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5:02pm on Tuesday, 16th November, 2010:

Where I Work #19


Continuing the occasional series...

Below the upper computer games shelf is, yes, you're right, the lower computer games shelf:

This is where I keep my oldest games, the ones in big boxes instead of today's DVD boxes (or, increasingly, no boxes, just downloads). I sold most of my games from this era to Cash Convertors in the late 1990s to make some room and because hey, money is money! I kept back the ones I really liked or that were obscure enough to be interesting, though. Among the former are Ultimas 4-6, The Patrician (I love the music!) and Patrician 2, Gangsters, Baldur's Gates 1 and 2, Transport Tycoon Deluxe, Civilization 2, Heroes of Might & Magic 3, Master of Orions 1 and 2, Master of Magic, Machiavelli: the Prince (also known as Merchant Prince), Siege and Darklands (that's Darklands on the floor in front, as I started a game a while ago; maybe I'll put it back, now, actually...).

Of the games that I kept for reasons of interest, most are computerised versions of board games: Diplomacy, Kingmaker, 1830 and Advanced Civilization. I also held onto this game called Vikings I bought at GenCon, for the simple reason that the AI never did anything in the entire game. It kept its troops in one place, and as a result they rolled over when I stormed them with my mighty armies.

Also down there are some games I've bought or been given since then, the main ones being WarCraft and Daggerfall but there's a bunch of CD ones on the left you can't really see (mainly from when my kids were younger — Virtual Makeover, things like that). Over on the right are the boxes for our mobile phones, in which are things like guarantees and chargers, plus similar for our iPods. There are also some old mobile phone handsets, including that glorious one the size of a brick that my wife used to carry around in her handbag in case of emergencies (ie. she could stun someone with it).

That, you will be relieved to learn, is the last of the shelves on the wall to my left. Hmm, now next time shall I go for the wall in front of me or for my computer?

Oh, I'll just leave you on tenterhooks waiting to find out, it'll increase my web site retention figures...

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