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4:35pm on Wednesday, 16th June, 2010:

No Photo


I was in Sainsbury's today and came across the following sight.

You know those regular shopping baskets? Not the ones with wheels, the ones you just hold in your hand? Well there was one on the floor, almost completely full of shopping, being dragged along by a very determined two-year-old girl.

It looked very comical, and everyone who came across the scene couldn't but smile broadly (me included), but you could tell the girl's mother was acutely embarrassed by it. She knew it looked cute, but she also knew her daughter was getting in people's way. But she looked so cute! But she was in the way!

I'd have taken a photo for you, only in this day and age I'd probably have been looking at a life-long listing on the Sex Offenders Register if I'd done so.

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