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5:57pm on Monday, 15th November, 2010:



Last night's appearance in the Second Life quiz, The 1st Question was recorded. The video is taken out of SL, but the audio uses Skype.

I didn't find out about the Skype part until late, otherwise I would have declined. I must have turned down 30 requests for Skype communication over the years, basically because I don't trust it. Read this assessment of its obfusticatory ways and you might not trust it yourself, either. Even finding out at a very late stage that I was expected to use Skype for the SL show was not going to be enough to cause me to install it, but I had someone else also pleading with me to do it, too, so I relented. I now have a Skype account.

Quite how long I will keep it depends on how irritating the software is. So far, it's installed itself in all my browsers (I can disable it from Firefox but not delete its plug-in; Chrome tried to delete it but it just sat there with a half-full "deleting" pop-up that would only go away when I killed its process, twice); it also plonked itself on my start menu but I managed to get rid of that. I don't think there are any processes running silently in the background, but you never know.

The quiz appearance went quite well, by the way, but I was a little irritated because I came second when I should have been joint first. We were told not to press the buzzer until the questionner had finished, yet on two occasions near the end the other contestants did just that. I knew the answers several seconds earlier but was waiting, as I'd been told, for the questionner to finish. Oh well, it was still fun, it's just as a gamer I don't like playing to one set of rules when the other players are playing to a different set...

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