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7:52pm on Tuesday, 14th September, 2010:

Strange Natural Phenomenon


When I left to pick my wife up from the station today, the sun was just setting and there was a nice red sky developing. However, it was also raining. I figured there might be a rainbow, looked around for one and WOW! Was there ever! It was almost a semicircle, high and huge. That wasn't its most important feature, though.

No, its most important feature was that it was very, very red.

A good two thirds of it was red. There was no blue, indigo or violet, just a thin sliver of green, a slightly thicker one of yellow and an orange that blended into the red. I've never seen a rainbow quite like it before. I suppose it makes sense: the sun was very low and must have looked red anyway (I couldn't see it directly, but the clouds were a good show), although if I'd have been asked to guess what a rainbow at sunset looked like I would probably have figured it would have been thinner with a brighter red line. That's not how it appeared, though. It was extraordinarily impressive.

I'd have taken a photo, but I was driving...

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