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4:45pm on Tuesday, 13th April, 2010:

Leaving Las Vegas


I fly home today, so here are some pics of Las Vegas that won't make much sense to blog about later...

This is what the Venetian Hotel looks like from the inside:

This is what it looks like from the outside:

Call me suspicious, but all it would take is a few seconds with the judges...

I saw people wandering around drinking alcohol from jugs, from plastic bottles the shape of the Eiffel tower, from what looked like plastoc American footballs, and one one occasion two women were drinking from these:

The shop I took this photo at bloasted that it was the original place to get them, rather implying that the idea of drinking booze from plastic guitars has proven so popular that others have taken it up. It must be that they come with shoulderstraps...

The happy hours in Las Vegas are substantial:

In your face, San Antonio!

So now it's a trip to the airport, arriving back in London around mid-day tomorrow.

Today is my 25th wedding anniversary.

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