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12:51pm on Saturday, 13th February, 2010:



Although I play World of Warcraft, I don't tend to mention my real-world identity in the virtual world itself. It's not that I keep it secret or anything: you can tell from QBlog that I play on a US server and have a paladin called Mareigh, which a quick trip to the Armoury will show you is unique (well, until you create one in response to this post). However, it's just not the kind of thing that comes up regularly in conversation, so in practice there can't be more than a handful of players on my server who know my real name.

Oh, I should mention that the fact the server I play on is one of (if not the) top-rated PvE US servers is sheer coincidence — I was originally on Draka but started a mage on Turalyon when Draka was down. I eventually moved my paladin over too.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is so you're aware that as far as playing WoW goes, I'm pretty well incognito. People who know who I am in real life can find out who I play as, and people who know who I play as could find out who I am in real life, but neither group has any particular incentive to do either.

So, yesterday I was doing some wretched Valentine's Day quest to get a pretty frock or something and I received a tell from one of the very few people who does know my name: "Did you see that?".

"See what?" I replied.

"The shout!"

OK, so I run an add-on to filter shouts and the trade channel, in order not to have to subject myself to whatever conversations the resident 15-year-olds wish to share with me, and I consequently hadn't seen any such shout. However, I checked the add-on's equivalent of the Deleted folder and found this:

I'm almost certain that whoever it was who shouted that had no idea that Richard Bartle was playing on that very server at that very moment, so it must be that they were taking my name in vain because they actually felt I was responsible in some small way for whatever it was that was annoying them.

That's kinda cool, actually! Except, of course, it should have been DAMN YOU RICHARD BARTLE AND ROY TRUBSHAW!!!...

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