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2:09pm on Sunday, 12th December, 2010:

Essex Health


My younger daughter, in common with everyone else in her year at Colchester Sixth Form College, received an information pack from Essex Health last week. It's, well, strange...

Here's the flier:

It's a weird mix of being down with the hip young kids ("WIN cool stuff") while being completely unkidlike in its message ("Get FREE condoms"). There was a badge and a set of post-it notes with essexhealth.co.uk on them too, plus this amazing pen:

What's amazing? Well it has a leaflet inside:

So if you want to have the information with you all the time but are embarrassed about it, all you have to do is use that pen that everyone else in your class has.

Personally, I think it's a successful idea. It's so naff that all my daughter's friends were talking about it, and queueing up for their free chlamydia tests so they could claim their free condom. The message is indeed getting across.

I wonder if ownership of a free condom is an encouragement to use it?

Just a moment, my daughter has her boyfriend over while we're off to Newmarket this afternoon — !

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