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2:05pm on Thursday, 11th March, 2010:

Sweet Deal


With its being Mother's Day this Sunday, I thought I ought to get my mother some kind of present. This used to be hard, but now it's easy: I get her diabetic chocolate (because she's diabetic). She gets it for Christmas, birthday, mother's day and occasionally as a surprise. I usually get her 7 or 8 150g bars (one of each kind they do) from a chemist's shop in the Co-op, which lasts her around two days.

No, I'm not kidding: my mother will eat 8 large bars of chocolate in two days. This may be how she got diabetes...

Anyway, recently I noticed that Boots had started selling diabetic chocolate again, so I bought some from them, too. My mother will have four days' worth of chocolate this time. Unlike the Co-op, Boots do regular-sized bars, too. Out of curiosity, I decided to buy one and scoff it myself.


I don't think chocolate will feature strongly in my diet should I get diabetes myself...

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