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6:05pm on Saturday, 10th April, 2010:

Suite Deal


When I checked into the hotel yesterday, the woman who checked me in asked if I wanted to upgrade my room to a better one. I said I didn't. She asked me if I wanted one with a doubkle bed. I said I didn't. There's only one of me, I won't be entertaining guests, I just need somewhere to sleep that has Internet access (at $12.45 a day).

Here's what my room looks like:

It's got a bathroom suite (separate bath, shower and lavatory, with two washbasins), a double bed, two HD TVs, a cupboard with a light that comes on when the door is open like a fridge, a 5-seater sofa, a table with 3 chairs round it, a desk, a printer/scanner/copier (no paper) and curtains that open and close automatically under electrical power when you give them a tug.

So, it looks like they ran out of single rooms and had to put me in a double suite. They were trying to get me to upgrade because they were going to put me in the upgraded room anyway. Just as well for me that I'm a cheapskate, then!

(Hmm, then again, maybe not: if I weren't a cheapskate, I'd have paid the $397 asking price for a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon today, which, even though I really would like to see it, is a little beyond my budget).

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