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2:05am on Saturday, 10th April, 2010:

One Last Sign


This was at San Antonio Airport:

I feel a bit guilty criticising an airport that gives free wi-fi, free electrical power and even free USB power recharging, but really, if I see a sign like that what am I going to do?

Oh, and they sat me next to a guy with a loaded gun on the flight to Last Vegas, too.

[Sigh ... just to stop the emails ... Southwest Airlines load passengers in order of when they checked in. I was in the fifth group of six, so was destined for a middle seat. I chose the first one I found, which was seven rows back on the left, next to a guy in his 30s who looked like a businessman from Singapore. The flight was very, very full though, and at the end there were more people looking for seats than there were seats. The guy got up and asked me if I wanted the aisle seat; naturally, I said yes. Seconds later, some woman in a yellow coat came and sat in the middle seat where I'd been sitting. The guy who'd been sitting in the aisle then went to the cockpit, chatted to the pilot and co-pilot, pulled out some fold-away chair from the wall, then removed the gun from the small of his back and strapped himself in. He must have been an air marshal. See? No need to email me about it now...]

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