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4:20pm on Thursday, 9th September, 2010:

Too Special


I've mentioned before that I usually mix my cereals for breakfast, having Weetabix plus Something Else. For the past several months, that Something Else has been Special K "Oats and Honey", on the basis that oats lower cholesterol and therefore by eating them I will live forever.

The last three packets of the Special K have not been the same as the ones I had before them, though. Something in the mix has changed, so now they honey clumps the flakes together:

There are two effects of this, one good and one bad. The good effect is that the clumping means there are still some flakes left when you get to the bottom of the packet, rather than a collection of bits that are only fit for garden birds starving mid-winter. The bad thing is that when you pour the cereal out, suddenly a hidden clump will appear and crash like a boulder into your bowl, whereupon it will explode and scatter component parts everywhere.

It's possible to break up the clumps by bashing the side of the box, but that also breaks up flakes so you get bits again.

Oh well, it'll be November soon and I can switch to porridge for a while...

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