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9:32pm on Friday, 9th July, 2010:

Queueing for Britain


When I reached passport control at London City Airport on my arrival back in the UK, there wer 66 people in front of me in the queue and one person checking passports. After 5 or 10 minutes a guy showed up and opened a second booth, but when I reached the front of the queue the back was "as far as gate four" according to the woman whose job it was to direct people to the next available position (ie. one of the two). There must have been a couple of hundred people waiting to enter the country.

Oh, that was just EU arrivals, by the way. There were 25 people from non-EU countries waiting in line at an unmanned booth. Their queue didn't move in the whole time it took me to get through.

I like London city Airport for convenience, but when they throw inconveniences like that at people it rather undermines their selling point.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting on a train from Stratford to Colchester without having found anywhere at buy a ticket. If an inspector doesn't show up before I get to Colchester (next stop) I'll have to buy one there...

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