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8:29pm on Saturday, 9th January, 2010:

Windy Town


When I was in my late teens, I saw a documentary about the weather on TV. When talking about the wind, it mentioned a particularly strong one which would come off Siberia, whip up in the Barents Sea, zoom round the top of Norway, finally to make landfall along the Holderness coast at Hornsea. Yes, Hornsea, my home town, gets freezing cold Siberian winds directed at it with pinpoint accuracy by the geography of Europe.

I tell people this, but they don't believe me. Nevertheless, even I was surprised to see this in The Guardian today:

It's a map of where the UK is going to put vast arrays of wind turbines (each the size of the London Gherkin) to generate 25% of the country's electricity. In case you can't see that over there in the North Sea, it says:

So, a 3GW wind farm is being built in a Hornsea zone. Hastings is the only other town to get a zone named after it: the next one down is a county (Norfolk) and the rest are either islands (West of the Island of Wight) or the traditional names of sea areas.

Well, that should make for a spectacular sight out of my old bedroom window at my dad's house.

I told you it was windy...

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