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7:11am on Wednesday, 7th July, 2010:

A Different Mode of Travel


My flight from London City Airport this morning is at 7:55. I'm one of those people who actually does show up 2 hours before an international flight, so that meant I had to get here before 6am. The first train from Colchester to London leaves at 4:45am, and is almost certain to be delayed by engineering works; even if it weren't, it wouldn't get to Stratford until 5:45, and the Docklands Light Railway woould take another 30 minutes at least to deliver me to the airport.

I could have come down yesterday instead and stayed at a hotel, but the ones that are close aren't close enough that you can walk to the airport from them. Most are on the wrong DLR line, too, being intended for use by visitors to ExCeL rather the the airport.

I therefore decided to come by taxi: £90 from my house to the airport. This is actually less than a taxi-to-station, train-to-hotel, hotel, hotel-to-airport solution and is more convenient. It was a very easy run at that time of the day, so I'll definitely consider doing it again next time I have an early flight.

Hmm, my flight to Leipzig involves a change at Munich. I touch down at 10:45 and supposed to be in the air again at 11:25. That's going to be ... exhillirating.

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