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3:06pm on Sunday, 7th February, 2010:

Mounted and Bladed


I've been playing Mount & Blade for the past few weeks, and finally won (well, in as much as "won" means anything in an open-ended game). As victory screens go, this has to be one of the more understated ones I've seen for a long time:

It told me every (game) day, so I guessed it must have wanted me to stop at that point.

The game has plenty of flaws, the most frustrating of which is always being last up the siege ladder because even the lowliest of your soldiers will push you off trying to get up first. They all pale into insignificance, though, against the visceral thrill of riding your spirited charger, blade swinging, into a row of archers and knocking every one of them flat. I'll put up with being sent on endless collect-a-cow quests and bickering companion morale failures for something like that.

Oh, normally when I blog about the games I play it's because I have some particular gripe about them (other than unrealised potential, which is just too common to mention). Mount & Blade is no exception. My moan concerns the graphics, which in the first-person view are reminiscent of LotRO's or Oblivion's (the map view is less impressive). All was well until I encountered water, which always looked like some kind of psychedelic experiment rather than water. I finally figured what was going on when I managed to line up the reflections just right:

That's my character's coat of arms. Instead of reflecting the sky in the water, it was reflecting my character's shield as if it were the size of the sky.

Hmm. Probably not supposed to happen, I think...

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