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4:53pm on Saturday, 6th February, 2010:

Rubbish Cross


We went to the tip this afternoon to get rid of the large quantity of expanded polystyrene we'd accumulated in our garage from inserts in the boxes of the electronic goods we've bought over the past few years. The people who work at the tip seem to get great job satisfaction from scavaging, collecting all sorts of things that people don't want but that they may have a use for (or, I guess, figure someone visiting a car boot sale may have a use for).

Nevertheless, I hadn't seen this there before:

The workers saw me take the photo and told us it was to mark the burial site of the last viking who worked there. I think they may have been joking.

I'd have been inclined to believe them if they'd said it was to mark the burial site of the last viking that someone had placed in a skip, though.

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