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10:09am on Monday, 5th April, 2010:

Off the Mobile


I've just spent an hour failing to install device drivers that will let me access my mobile phone from my new PC. However, I did come across a little piece of hardware that enables me to put the tiny on-board memory card into my multi-card reader, and can therefore extact some of the photos I've taken in the past week. Here are the highlights:

This is a duck (well, a drake) at Essex University. It's supposed to be a mallard, but it looks to me as if its parents were over-friendly with the Canada geese that live on campus:

I was once told that Canada geese are produce a quarter of their own bodily weight in excrement every day. Having seen them in action, my response was "only a quarter?".

Here's the windscreen of a car that was parked in the University car park:

I suppose that in theory it is possible to place a tax disc in just the right place that it occupies the blind spot on the retina of a one-eyed driver. That must be what's happened here. After all, why would a two-eyed driver want to place it right where it might obscure the view of a pedestrian about to step onto the road?

Here's a chapel from the home for the elderly and confused where my mother-in-law is ensconced:

It has a stained-glass window made out of foil card. It has a Buddha, a cross, some kind of tall Hindu god and an elephant. Well at least they made the effort...

This is a picture of the heart of the South Essex College building:

It's a heart. They call it "the pod", though. Maybe they should put a restaurant in it and paint it up like a snail; then, they could call it "the gastropod".

Finally, here's a picture of the inside of South Essex College right next to the pod:

Yes, of course. Why wouldn't you put a giant mushroom forest in a College of Higher Education?

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