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1:45pm on Thursday, 4th March, 2010:



The Internet is still disconnected from my house. I wonder how the world is coping with the loss?

Today, I got to the university at around 8:35, and as a result got a decent parking space. My 11am CE314 class, scheduled to end at 12:40, actually ended sooner than that because of the four students present, three said less than the fifth, guest student from the Literature department. As a result, it took less time to create a Hero's Journey plot on the fly than it might have.

Anyway, as a result of this, I got to my car at 1:45 to find the car park full with vehicles driving around looking for people to leave. As I was one such person, naturally I caught their attention. Unfortunately, I caught the attention of more than one of them...

Here's the scene:

I'm the green car. The blue cars are all parked and unoccupied. I'm going to drive out onto the road following the arrow. The three red cars are all going to attempt to get into the space I vacate. The one on the right got there first, and actually asked me if I was leaving, so I'm inclined to try and arrange things so she gets the space. However, she has to reverse into it, whereas the other two red cars can just drive in straight. The one at the top is a people carrier, and looks to have a bunch of screaming kids in the back: etiquette means nothing to him, he's going to go for it. The one at the bottom is figuring out what I'm going to do, and reversing so that if I try block her when I come out, she has room to sneak in anyway.

I don't know what happened when I drove off because, well, I drove off, but I do know the people carrier didn't get my space because I made sure he didn't. I spotted both the other cars making an attempt to get in, but I don't know which made it. Sneaky woman would have won if she was willing to cut it close with the car parked behind, but first woman could have beaten her if she was quick off the mark and confident in her reversing skills.

Much as I enjoy a good drama, the university really does need to make more car parking spaces availaible...

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