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6:12pm on Wednesday, 2nd June, 2010:

Growing (Old) Pains


I woke up yesterday morning with a pain in my lower back. It's not in my spine, it's about 5cm to the left of that and the same above my hip bone. I felt sore all day, and woke up this morning to discover it hadn't gone away (indeed, it's what woke me up this morning).

I checked organ locations on the Internet and am persuaded it's not my appendix (wrong side) nor my kidneys (too low). It's probably a muscle pull or something, but it feels deeper than that.

Of course, having recently discovered that Elvis Presley died because a stool in his large intestine had been there for four or five months, I'm hoping it's not a digestive problem, either. Just in case it is, though, I ate a packet of licquorice this afternoon; an eventful evening beckons...

Oh well, hopefully it will go away before I visit Sweden this weekend, I don't want to find myself hospitalised there.

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