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3:29pm on Wednesday, 30th December, 2009:

Dice Monkey


I bought a couple of Knights of the Dinner Table originals last week off eBay. Here's the one of Bob:

I don't believe that the artist, Jolly Blackburn, quite believes that people will actually pay for 5 minutes' work drawing a cartoon, so he just releases occasional pieces he's done on (in this case) the back of a comic board. This means they are in various states of frameablity. I could actually frame this one, but it would be better if it were on white card instead of off-white.

The other one I bought, of Brian, is on letter-sized white card and looks like this:

No, I don't like the printed wording either — I'd have preferred it hand-written like with Bob. I'm now wondering if I should cut it off, or fold it under, prior to framing it.

Oh, decisions, decisions...

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