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9:21am on Friday, 29th May, 2009:

Grand Hotel


There was no danger I would spill pineapple juice on myself this morning: I got grapefruit juice. The sign merely said it was pineapple juice.

I've yet to get Internet access. There are two wireless services in the hotel: GrandHotel, which you have to pay for and even when you do it won't let you beyond the password page; GrandHotelOpen, which is free but only available from the lobby (and which I only know about from the last time I was here — it's never shown up on my wireless services list when I've checked). I'm not the only person with this problem, judging by the line of people waiting to use the three PCs they have hooked up for guest use in the lobby.

There is a TV in my room, which picks up 8 channels (if you include "Hotel Info" as a channel). The first of the remainder is an Icelandic radio station (RUV) that runs with a test card on the TV screen; the second is an Icelandic TV channel Skjar 1) that is currently showing an American chat show (subtitled in Icelandic) that I have never seen before; the third is locked, which is a shame as it's supposed to be Sky News (and was, for a time, on the first day I was here); the next channel, which has by far the best reception, is CCTV — the Chinese version of CNN, with equally impartial editorial standards; channel 6 would be the Discovery channel if it weren't locked; channel 7 would likewise by the Cartoon Network. The final channel is DR1, which is also locked but would probably be in German anyway.

Oh well, at least they've fixed the holes in the roof from last time.

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