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5:40pm on Wednesday, 28th January, 2009:

Recalcitrant Software


My attempts to drag York City out of the conference league and into division 2 in Football Manager 2009 are proceeding reasonably well. I could probably do better, but I keep having to play McGurk because I made him captain, little knowing how inconsistent he'd be...

Hmm. When I say "are proceeding well", what I should say is "were proceeding well". The game locked up on me, and I had to reboot my PC to recover. I lost the results of 4 matches — two wins, and two draws. I'm going to have to play them again.

My problem is, do I try to get the same results as before or not? Those wins were against tough opposition, and there's no guarantee I'll win them again if I play it straight. Of course, having a save feature, I could just play the matches repeatedly until I got the results I wanted. However, even then it wouldn't be exactly the same (will my ace striker get injured this time like he did last?), and I have a general policy of not re-running matches because otherwise I'd just be cheating myself. This is a bit different, though, because I feel that the game cheated me: if I do replay those 4 matches and lose any of them, the game will have spoiled my chances of getting York promoted because it locked up on me.

Actually, I'm so annoyed with the software for hanging on me that I'm awfully tempted to replay the matches and give myself 4 wins, just to punish it. Ha! It won't do it again if it knows that's going to happen!

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