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4:31pm on Friday, 27th February, 2009:

Now That's Good Customer Service


A technician from AVG just spent 2 hours remotely controlling my PC trying to find out what the problem was with my inability to access google.co.uk . It turned out there were some old files that hadn't been updated, so he uninstalled AVG and then reinstalled it. Or, rather, he would have reinstalled it if my PC had been able to download more than 17K of it before giving up. I'll have to get the files from my university PC on Monday.

Still, even though he removed my anti-virus protection and trashed my desktop with strange diagnostic files, and was unable actually to fix the problem, I'm impressed. He spent a lot of time investigating it, and I could tell from watching that he knew what he was doing.

Contrast this with my experience yesterday when I spoke to a customer service technician from BT about why I couldn't access mud.co.uk over their network. I explained to the woman who called that I knew it wasn't a problem with my PC as I had taken my laptop to the university and connected to mud.co.uk, but when I got it home an hour later it was unable to connect via my BT broadband line. Her next question was "what browser are you using?". Her solution was to someone to send me a newer router, which should arrive on Monday.

Oh well, at least I got a new router out of it.

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