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9:58am on Tuesday, 26th May, 2009:

Distant in Time


My younger daughter happened to find an episode of Star Trek on TV this morning, from season 2 of the original series. It was the one in which the Enterprise visits a planet that has adopted a 1920s gangster theme: A Piece of the Action.

I actually remembered some of the dialogue from when I first saw it as a kid in about 1970 — Scotty says "or you'll be wearing 'concrete galoshes'" and the gangster responds "you mean 'cement overshoes'?".

The date this episode first aired in the USA was January 12th, 1968 — some 41 years ago.

Hmm. 41 years before 1968 was 1927 — at the height of prohibition, and two years before the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. In other words, that episode of Star Trek is as distant from us today as the Chicago mob wars it references were from it.

This kind of when-yesterday-was-tomorrow arching back into the past always kills me...

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