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5:57pm on Wednesday, 25th November, 2009:

Black and White


I received a request today for some MUD memorabilia, from someone who collects stuff to do with virtual worlds, so I rummaged around for some old materials to send around. One of the first things I decided to pack was a set of MUD stickers, as they're colourful and I have quite a lot of them. This is what they look like:

While looking through the pile, though, I noticed two rogue sets of stickers that looked like this instead:

Back when these were made, it took a high-end computer and some powerful software to render the glow around the letters (British Telecom paid an advertising agency to do it, I think), so those white ones were definitely not supposed to be white. The printing process must have glitched on the black ink for a couple of sheets.

If those had been stamps, I'd be rich now...

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