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11:18am on Saturday, 25th July, 2009:

No Berlin


I'm supposed to be aboard a flight to Berlin right now, heading off to the inaugural FaVE conference. I'm Conference Chair, and was supposed to be giving an opening address, introducing the keynote speaker, giving a closing address and running a workshop on what we should teach about virtual worlds in universities. However, none of that is going to happen now because of the events of yesterday.

On Wednesday, I'm supposed to transfer from Berlin to Leipzig for a second conference, Games Convention Online, at which I am a kind of guest of honour (along with Ralph Baer, whom I'm really looking forward to meeting). I'm due due to address journalists and politicians, and give a keynote. I'm hoping that I may still be able to go to this, but it depends when my brother's funeral is. There's a high chance it will clash.

Oh well, back to attending to my mother's wailing grief...

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