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10:16am on Monday, 24th August, 2009:

Old Cards


I bought some playing cards on eBay. They're from around 1800, but only cost £9 so I thought I'd take a look.

As you can see, there are two cards missing (jack of spades, four of clubs — it has a modified four of spades instead) and duplicates or even triplicates of other cards. I've no idea why, that's just how they came.

They're very delicate — a corner came off one as I laid it out. They're also about a quarter of the size of today's cards:

My wife said they looked like they came out of a Christmas cracker, and as a result accorded them the same degree of respect. I really like them, though. I'm tempted to get one suit (probably hearts, as they're in the best condition) mouted for display. However, I doubt my wife would let me put it on the wall.

Oh well, what are university offices for?

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