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7:15pm on Tuesday, 24th February, 2009:

Pancake Day


Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which means that Easter is just 40 regular days plus 6 Sundays away. I'm so glad I'm an atheist and don't have to worry about why that's significant.

Anyway, as tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, that means today is Shrove Tuesday. In many countries, it's not Shrove Tuesday at all, it's Mardi Gras — a day when people dress up in extravagant costumes and, er, well I'm not entirely sure what they do as I don't live in those countries. I know what we do in England on Shrove Tuesday, though: eat pancakes. Hence, Pancake Day.

No, I don't know why we eat pancakes on Pancake Day, but hey, who cares — we get to eat pancakes!

Sadly, most pancake days I don't get to eat pancakes because they involve a skill known as "cooking". which I have neglected to level up. Today, though, I did have some because my younger daughter offered to make them.

Oh wow! She made four! These aren't those namby-pamby CD-sized ones they give you in America when you ask for pancakes, either: these are creêpes the same thickness as those but the diameter of a 78 record. They go down a treat with half a jar of Golden Syrup on them.

They are, however, rather filling ... and I had to eat all four, because they were all for me. So I did, and now groan ... moan ... I'm suffering for it. If I drop dead tonight, it was from a surfeit of batter.

Still, worth it though — they were damned good pancakes!

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