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8:45pm on Monday, 23rd November, 2009:

Low Turnout


Today had a wet and miserable start, so I was expecting my 9am lecture to have a low turnout. I therefore bought a box of Cadbury's Heroes to reward those brave enough to be there at the start.

OK, so there are 16 or 17 students in CE217. At 9am, the number sitting in front of me was ... one. Or, put another way, 100% of the female contingent of the class was there at 9am and 0% of the male contingent was. It transpired she didn't even like chocolate, having once had a job in a chocolate factory during which she consumed an entire lifetime's supply.

Fortunately, another student showed up at about 20 second past 9, so I dished out the chocs 50/50. Over the course of the next two hours, another four students appeared; they were regarded with sufficient pity by the chocolate bearers to be given a share.

Oh well, come the exams it won't just be chocolate that these six students have over the other ten.

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