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9:41am on Wednesday, 23rd September, 2009:

Making Maths Fun


My younger daughter does various pieces of mathematics homework online. Occasionally, the web site tries to make the maths more fun by adding amusing but unrelated pictures to the questions. Here are two she got last week:

The first seems to be saying something about apprehensive geeks; the second is clearly of a bully who should be excluded from school immediately.

Similarly unnerving pictures carried on in the same vein for most of the week. Maybe there's some theory that says children will learn more if you subject them to disturbing images created by an artist who can't draw hands, but I'm not persuaded by it. Just because something is "fun", that doesn't mean it will help children learn. It has to be fun used in the right way.

Oh-oh, I'd better stop here before I take another pot shot at serious games...

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