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5:45pm on Monday, 23rd February, 2009:

Cleaning in Progress


Here is a pair of photographs:


The one on the left was taken last Monday; the one on the right was taken today.

The photos are of the gents' lavatory on corridor 4B where my office is located at the university. The cone on the ground there warns that cleaning is in progress.

OK, so they clean the toilets at the same time every Monday — so what?

Well, the thing is, they don't clean the toilets at the same time every Monday, or at least not at the times I took the photos. That warning cone is always there. I've yet to see anyone actually cleaning the toilets, but there's a sign at the door telling me that they're in a permanent state of being cleaned. It's not just any old sign, either: it's a sign that's in the way.

Why would anyone keep a warning cone outside the gents' toilets warning us that cleaning is in progress when it isn't? Has some cleaner forgotten it? Is the entrance to the toilet regarded as a suitable storage place? If I go in sometime and cleaning is in progress and I slip on the wet floor and hurt myself, can I sue the university on the grounds that it cried wolf too often?

I'm sure there's a web page somewhere on the university site where I can report this, and just as sure that I won't be able to find it...

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