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11:55am on Sunday, 18th January, 2009:

Not for Resale


I've mentioned before that I collect two things: maps of Europe published in 1869, and copies of issue 4 of Knights of the Dinner Table. Here's my latest addition to the latter:

The sticker on it meant it cost a lot less on eBay than issue 4s normally go for, and as there was no picture (just mention of a sticker) I didn't know what it said — I figured it was maybe a price sticker. Had the seller told me, though, I would have bid more than I usually do — I've never seen that sticker on a KoDT magazine before.

Of course, its being sold on eBay would count as "resale", so someone did something naughty in order for it to get there in the first place. Fortunately, because I didn't know what the sticker said, I bought it in good faith and therefore won't lose my house if KenzerCo sue for damages arising from breach of contract...

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