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1:48pm on Wednesday, 17th June, 2009:

Typos Galore


One of the consequences of my reading through every QBlog post I've ever made is that I spotted dozens and dozens of typographical errors — including one in a title. I know that the typo rate goes up when I'm using my laptop (because of the keyboard), but there's still a liberal scattering of mistakes elsewhere. Some errors happened when I made a change to one part of a sentence but didn't change another part that went with it, and other happened when I deleted a word I meant to keep instead of the one I meant to delete. Most are just due to bad typing, though.

Still, at least it's just my blog where I do this and not a newspaper or a sign in a shop window or a book or a birthday card.

Hmm, maybe I should think about coding some spell-checking functionality into my QBlog software, just the same...

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