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8:07am on Tuesday, 16th June, 2009:

Internet Free


There was a savage electrical storm in these parts last night, lasting about 3 hours. About half an hour after it stopped, my broadband line went dead.

OK, so these things happen. However, I have two phone lines in this house, and the one without broadband on it was working fine; they both go to the same local exchange (which is 7km away, hence my sucky bandwidth). I did the usual tests with a known-to-be-working handset on the test socket, and it was definitely a problem with the connection to the house (as opposed to the connection or hardware in the house). Still, I left it until this morning before reporting the dead line, in case it was a general issue they were experiencing because of the lightning or flooding that came with the storm.

I've just spent 20 minutes on the phone to BT, 5 minutes of which was with a human being. They've tracked it down electronically to "an external cable fault", and will have an engineer fix it some time between now and 5pm tomorrow.

Ohhh great.

This explains why you may have to wait for today's QBlog update...

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