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11:17am on Sunday, 13th September, 2009:

Without Fire


I travelled to Heathrow by bus today, rather than take the train, on the grounds that if I did take the train, this being a Sunday and therefore packed with maintenance work, I would end up travelling by bus anyway.

Hmm, those signs that say "no smoking" ought to be appended by the words "or having smoked in those clothes you're wearing". They maybe should have something in there about having washed your hair since you last smoked, too.

Other than the stench of stale nicotine emanating from the couple 3 seats behind me, though, the journey was fairly pleasant; I slept through most of it. Having seen the queues of stationary traffic stretching for miles in the opposite direction on the M25 following some accident, however, I'll still aim to take the train in future if it's not going to put me on a bus while they do track maintenance...

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