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4:55pm on Thursday, 13th August, 2009:

Air Conditioning


Our air conditioning is feeble, but. being British, we won't complain about it. Well, we won't complain about it to the management — obviously we'll complain about it to each other and blog about it to the entire world.

Anyway, last night my wife thought she could hear heavy breathing. I listened and yes, sure enough, that's what it sounded like. OK, well it was probably just some artifice of the air conditioning so we tried to ignore it. However, it was omnipresent. My wife went to the window to let in some air, and it got suddenly louder. She opened the window and JEEZ, it was someone SNORING. What a racket! It was like they were sawing wood very slowly and with a megaphone attached to the saw. They must have been the only person in the hotel getting any sleep at all.

My wife left the window slightly ajar, which didn't kill the noise completely but did let some air in.

This morning, the room reeked of Galoise smoke. Someone in another room had been smoking out of their window to evade the hotel's non-smoking policy. Grrrr...

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