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5:14pm on Wednesday, 12th August, 2009:

Tourist Trap


We went up the Eiffel Tower this morning. From joining the queue to getting to the top it took us 2 hours 15 minutes — not bad, really, I suppose. It was well worth going, though, because of the views:

You can tell that's taken from the Eiffel Tower because it doesn't have the Eiffel Tower in it.

Once we got to the bottom, we looked for the toilets. We found a sign pointing to them, some 20 metres from the toilets themselves. It was partly obscured by foliage, which might explain why two younbg boys were weeing on its post. Now wonder there are so many places here where it stinks of urine...

Ice creams are hideously expensive — four Euros each. I wouldn't pay 4 Euros for an ice cream in Italy, where they actually know how to make ice cream, let alone in France. I also won't pay more than 2 Euros for a bottle of water. So it was that at 5pm we staggered into the little shop near our hotel and bought four magnum ice creams for 4.70 Euros total, plus two bottles of water at 1 Euro each. OK, so we were hungry and dehydrated, but ha! We weren't ripped off!

Well, not unless you count the 48 Euros it took us to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower, that is.

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