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12:58pm on Tuesday, 12th May, 2009:

And in 48th Place...


Essex University came 48th in The Guardian's 2010 university league table.

The ratings are based on student satisfaction with teaching and feedback (which it's in students' best interests to inflate so their degree has a higher value), staff/student ratio (so universities that attract low numbers of students come out better), spend per student (which is tied to staff/student ratio), career prospects (so the university's subject areas affect its placing), average entry tariff (ie. quality of student intake) and value-added score (ie. the mirror of quality of student intake).

What the ratings completely omit are what lecturers themselves look at when rating universities (quality of research) and what students look at (reputation).

This is why everyone who wants a university league table looks at the one The Times puts out — it actually does correlate well with reality.

That said, we came 42ndin that last year...

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