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3:54pm on Friday, 11th September, 2009:

Two Photos


I went to London today to meet the wife of a friend from America (who is now, herself, a friend from America), and had my photo taken on two occasions.

One occasion was in Covent Garden. I was standing next to a scarf stall and suddenly heard this voice say "Richard?". I turned round and saw a face I recognised, but I didn't immediately know where from. It was my dad's wife's brother's wife, Davina, who had come down to London for the day with a friend and had visited the exact same tourist trap I'd visited. She took a photo to show my dad as evidence of our encounter.

Small world.

The other occasion was when I was getting of a tube train and saw two Japanese girls with their cameras poised, ready to take a picture when the doors opened. To them, they were just taking a photo of a London scene. However, when I spotted them I waved wildly and enthusiastically to them, which they found greatly amusing.

Well, if it gave them a good impression of England, who cares if everyone else on the train thought I was bonkers?

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