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6:19pm on Wednesday, 11th February, 2009:



Yesterday was the first day of the school show, in which my younger daughter is participating. I have to go and pick her up when it's finished, so I asked her when that would be. She told me that it started at 7pm and took an hour and a half, so I should be there at 8:30pm. I asked her to phone me if there were any change to this; she said she wouldn't be able to phone, so she'd text me.

She did indeed text me. Here's what her SMS said:

Come about states part mind please! X ly


Well the X is a kiss and the ly means "love you", but the rest? I had no idea, and neither did my wife. I sent my daughter a reply saying I didn't know what her message meant, but by then the show had started so she had no access to her phone.

So, I went along to the school for 8:30pm as planned. An hour of sitting in the freezing cold of my car later, my daughter showed up. I could see she was reading the message I'd sent her as she approached, and when she got into the car she said, "What didn't you understand about it?". She menued down to read what she'd sent.

Apparently, she'd keyed in Come about quater past nine please! X ly. The "intelligent" dictionary look-up found the other words first. She said she'd quickly checked it before she sent it, but rather too quickly it would seem...

Hmm, if she'd spelled "quarter" correctly, I might have got it. As it was, I tried to get my phone to give other options for what the word states could be and none of them made any better sense so I gave up.

Tonight, I'll be there for 9:15. Hopefully, they won't overrun and leave me sitting there until 10...

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