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4:50pm on Tuesday, 10th November, 2009:

Force of Habit


I went to the dentist this morning for an 8:45 appointment. Fortunately, she has a mask and gloves so she won't catch my cold, although I don't think it was a lot of fun for her trying to gain access to my gums when I have the appearance of having been hit in the philtrum by a brick, scabs included.

Anyway, that's not what I'm writing about today.

So, you know how some people like to put their thumbs in their belts when they're standing around chatting to their friends? And if they don't have a belt, they'll put them in their trousers? You can imagine how someone who did that a lot might, if they were wearing a short coat or long shirt, hitch up the bottom of it a few inches so they could get their thumbs to their habitual location?

OK, so I was walking past a bus stop on the way to the dentist, the place was swarming with sixth-formers hanging around waiting for friends before they wandered into college, and I saw these two girls talking. One of them had hitched up the back of her skirt and had both thumbs in the top of her tights. She was chatting away to her friend oblivious to the fact she was displaying her, well, I guess at that height it can be called underwear, to every passer-by. It was more than that, in fact, because she'd pulled her skirt up so much you could see some of her back, too.

The skirt wasn't long anyway, and the tights were those thick ones that aren't quite leggings, which I guess might have accounted for her not realising what she was doing. I'd have pointed out her mistake so she could have rectified it, but, my being male, that way lies prison

I pretended not to notice and walked on.

30 years from now, when they make artificial eyes with embedded cameras in them, maybe I'll be able to show you such scenes instead of merely describing them...

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