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2:06pm on Monday, 6th July, 2009:

Selling Drugs


My younger daughter is on work experience for the next two weeks. My elder daughter, when it was her turn, got a placement at a magazine; her job involved (among other things) fabricating letters from members of the public.

My younger daughter is working in a pharmacy, though, so lying to people is not part of what she does. Instead, she prints off labels for prescriptions and sticks them containers. She phoned at lunchtime to let me know she'd "only put the wrong label on twice so far", which is apparently quite good (maybe not if the mislabelled containers had made it into the hands of the public, mind you).

She also mentioned in passing that 16 children at Elmstead Market Primary School had gone down with swine 'flu. Oh great. I drove through there this morning taking her to where she's working. The noose is tightening: it'll be just my luck to go down with it the day before I'm due to go to Germany at the end of this month (or, worse, catch it in Germany so I'm unable to go on holiday when I get back).

I wonder if pharmacy staff count as "health workers" and are entitled to a dose of Tamiflu?

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