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5:19pm on Wednesday, 5th August, 2009:

New Printer


My LaserJet 4L finally died yesterday. It was 20 years old. Printers don't normally live that long. Dogs don't generally live that long.

What happened, while I was typing yesterday's blog entry, was that it took three pieces of paper at once and they caused one of the teeth on one of its cogs to come off. This is why it sounded like a chainsaw, and why it is now sitting in a pile of recyclable electronic goods at our local civic amenity point (ie. tip).

As a replacement, I got a Samsung CLP-315W from PC World. I was only going to get a monochrome printer, but this one was cheaper than most of those and did colour too, plus it worked wirelessly. As it sits right next to my wireless hub, that's quite handy.

You may note from the above web site, by the way, that it can print "20,0000" sheets of A4 monthly. It's a typo, obviously, for 20,000. What are the odds that another company would make the same typeographical error, do you suppose? Well take a look at the Currys web page for the same printer.

OK, so Currys and PC World are both owned by Dixons, but do they really have to go so far as to share the same product database?

They might want to reconsider what they put in their "online offers" advert sidebar, too:

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