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9:55am on Tuesday, 5th May, 2009:

To Strasbourg!


This afternoon, I fly off to Strasbourg for a meeting tomorrow at the Council of Europe concerning human rights and MMORPGs. Yes, all you European MMO crazies who slag me off in your mad blogs, I could take away your obsession in an instant with a well-directed piece of advice to a receptive policy-maker. Muahahaha!

Fortunately, I'm actually there to stop other people from doing this...

Strasbourg is full of quality hotels that are empty most of the time, except when the Council of Europe is in session. On those occasions, they're full to capacity. Sadly, this week the Council of Europe is indeed in session, which explains why I'm staying in the European Youth Centre (quote from its web site: "The European Youth Centre in Strasbourg reopened its doors on 1st September 2008. It is now into line with safety standards"). The last time I stayed in a youth hostel I was 12 and on a school trip to Heidelburg. However, I'm guessing I'll only be 30 years older than the other people who will be overnighting at the Strasbourg one the same time as me.

I'm only there for the Wednesday, flying back early on Thursday (hopefully early enough to make the two revision lectures I'm due to give in the afternoon). I'll write something for QBlog, but it may not get updated until my return.

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