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9:36am on Thursday, 5th February, 2009:



Note to the old bloke with the walking stick who caused a queue of five people to form behind him at the Physiotherapy reception desk in Colchester General Hospital today: if you want to make an appointment with the cardio-vascular unit, go to the reception desk of the cardio-vascular unit. If you make the receptionist at the physyotherapist unit try to do it, it will result in their initiating a long series of involved telephone calls that will ultimately be fruitless.

Note to the Physiotherapy reception desk in Colchester General Hospital: if you're going to put up notices sternly instructing people to report to the reception desk prior to attending their appointment, ensure that the reception desk is actually open prior to the time of that appointment.

Note to the man behind me in the queue for the Physiotherapy reception desk: you're the first person I've seen this year with a mullet hair style. This is not because you're ahead of the fashion curve...

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